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Volunteering for Soul Fitness Etcetera's SF4K Summer Camps!

SF4K summer camps improve what is right, just, and good in all of us.

If you have a desire to grow in the wisdom, knowledge, and love of training up children, while getting exercise yourself at the same time, please contact us.

Camp #1  Soul Fitness 4 Kid is a spiritualized physical education class that  incorporates scripture memorization with body movement, history lessons  with endurance training, vocabulary words with agility drills, sports,  games, and more exercises to practice at home. We will cover all 9 scriptures in the Qualifying Season's Curriculum.   

Camp #2  Bible studies with SF4K is an  interactive Bible class that helps students learn about the books of  the Bible and the geography of the Holy Land by connecting the stories  with pictures, learning songs with live guitar playing incorporating  scripture, as well as drawing and coloring scriptural pictures.  We will  cover scripture on prayer, health, the Word of God, and will talk about  ourselves, our church, our schools, and the community.   

Camp #1 -  Prek,K and 1st Grader students will be with their mothers, and is only a 30-45 minute class.  All other ages will last an hour and twenty minutes.


Camp #2 is for rising 2nd to rising 5th graders.

    This camp is 3 hours long and includes camp # 1 

Please help us get connected to more public, private, and home school communities during the school year also!

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