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Changing the World... One Day at a Time... Etc...

Soul Fitness Camps are a 3-part camp that blesses each body,

First - Sports, Games, and Exercise

 First is the sports class which completes the following: a scriptural warm up, cardiovascular exercise with running and agility drills, learning sports cues, practicing sports, and hearing a short piece on nutrition and etiquette.   

Second - Bible Study and Interactive Ways to Learn Scripture

 Second, we move into the World Revival Prayer Guide curriculum, designed to have students read through a chapter in the Bible together, listen to a song with the scripture in it, hear commentary about the scripture, answer questions concerning the passage, and then work on memorizing the scripture, and praying the scripture, before either drawing or coloring.   

Third - Meal Prep as Basic Life Skills

 Last, would be meal prep.  Students could (before or after the Bible Study time), get the opportunity to be hands on in making 1) tuna salad (from a can), 2) chicken salad, 3) Celery, chickpea and feta salad, etc. as we talk through the directions and options for modifying the recipe!  This allows participants to learn how to make meals for themselves and their families.