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Soul Fitness 4 Kids is for You, Me, US, OUR Family & Friends


Basics of SF4K

Hi, I am Coach... Coach Burnette.  

After receiving my Health, Physical Education and Sport Studies degree, 

I taught physical education and coached at a private k-8th christian school.  

After that, I received information (a seed) before I started seminary.

This seed is now Soul Fitness Ministries, and it began in 2012.  

I received my masters of divinity in the summer of 2016, after a trip to Israel.  

 Soul Fitness Exercise Classes, part of the Soul Fitness Ministries Curriculum, 

was developed into a physical education curriculum which is now called, 

Soul Fitness 4 Kids!

 Now, I teach this curriculum as a p.e. teacher for another private Christian school, 

a church, and soon, a home schooling community.  Camps are also offered.

SF4K purpose is to help families with their children, learn how to actively work on controlling their bodies, wherever they are, for God's glory.  

During SF4K classes, we will not simply do many things, but we will learn them, in order to be able to teach others the same.  

We help improve students humility,   compassion,   decision making skills,  communication skills,    agility,  wisdom,  speed,  knowledge,  quickness,  discernment,  footwork,  stature,  rhythm,  honor,  valor,  balance,  virtue,  readiness,  integrity,  endurance,  loyalty, and stamina.

The Class Layout

Each class follows these 13 steps.

1. A Catch Phrase (for the scripture)

2. The scripture for the exercise

3. The Exercise Name, related to the scripture

4. Traveling Distances (with added history and/or a quote)
5. Agility Practice (using either the cones, ladders, hurdles, track or lanes)

6. A vocabulary word and definition while taking a water break 

7. A sports / game Introduction

8. A sports cue for the specific sports skill

9. Sport / Game Practice Time

10. Exercise # 2

11. Nutrition Statement

12. Game

13. Etiquette

(Steps 10,11, and 13 are introduced progressively after the Qualifying Season.)

The Sports

After the qualifying season, the curriculum covers two sports per semester. 

The qualifying season focuses on adjusting to the class structure, the track, the lanes, hurdles, cones, and the agility ladders.    

(Options of sports in other seasons are not limited to: Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Bowling, Whiffle Ball, Corn Hole, Handball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Pickleball, Flag Football, Lacross, Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Certain Dances, Frisbee, and Netball... - ... some sports will be alternate variations with the younger students, like volleyball for example would be practiced with beach balls.)  


Wk# 5 of the qualifying season...

1 Catch Phrase       Love God, Love Others   
2 Scripture        Mark 12:29-31   
3 Exercise         Love Is The Best       

4 Travel - One lap outside is "x"   feet... (how many feet do you think it is from one town Jesus traveled to, to the next?)
5 Agility - Practice high steps on the agility ladder   
6 Vocabulary Word - Train  
7 Sport Intro - Track   
8 Sport Cue - Look Straight / Lean Forward   
9 Sport Practice - Running  Straight        

10 Exercise #2    - N/A this season  
11 Nutrition - N/A this season
12 Game - Name Tag Game           
13 Etiquette - N/A this season 

The Next Step

If you are in a home schooling community, church, or school who would like this opportunity for you, your families, and /or students, please call or email me.


Thank you, God Bless You, Peace be with you!

Coach Burnette

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