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Soul Fitness Bible Studies

Soul Fitness Bible Studies come from the World Revival Prayer Guide.  

For camps this summer, there will be three Bible verses learned during the four day camp week.  In order to learn a scripture for good, it is recommended to hear, speak, write, draw, sing even watch if you can, the scriptures being played out.  


Having the scriptures read to you, connects you with a privilege that Jesus and His friends experienced.  Hear O Israel, the LORD our God is One.  We shall love the LORD our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  We shall also love our neighbor as ourselves.  

Speaking / Writing / Draw

Is anyone giving you the honor of speaking the scriptures to yourselves, or one another?  At Soul Fitness Bible Studies, everyone practices speaking the scriptures out loud.   They also get a chance to draw the scriptures, as you see on the left. 

Singing and Music

Each Soul Fitness Bible Study lesson has a scripture that has been put into song form, which helps with the repetition and allows participants to remember God's Word.  

Watch and See

Not every scripture  or story may be able to be watched on a video, but we do our best to act out the words, as well as review by pictures, where the stories took place in Israel.  

Small Group Material...

Soul Fitness Ministries has developed curriculum by seasons, that can be used by your small group.  Please visit to learn more about 1) Bearing Fruit: The Abundant Life God Provides, 2) The World Revival Prayer Guide, 3) The Soul Fitness Exercise Classes... and other books such as United Spirit Motivation: Igniting All Believers to Engage in True Life; Jesus Christ, The Diary of an Evangelist, 77 Hours, The Booklet on the Holy Spirit and more...