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Soul Fitness 4 Kids is for You, Me, US, OUR Family & Friends


The Class Layout

Each class follows these 13 steps.

1. A Catch Phrase (for the scripture)

2. The scripture for the exercise

3. The Exercise Name, related to the scripture

4. Traveling Distances (with added history and/or a quote)
5. Agility Practice (using either the cones, ladders, hurdles, track or lanes)

6. A vocabulary word and definition while taking a water break 

7. A sports / game Introduction

8. A sports cue for the specific sports skill

9. Sport / Game Practice Time

10. Exercise # 2

11. Nutrition Statement

12. Game

13. Etiquette

(Steps 10,11, and 13 are introduced progressively after the Qualifying Season.)

The Next Step

If you are in a home schooling community, church, or school who would like this opportunity for you, your families, and /or students, please call or email me.


Thank you, God Bless You, Peace be with you!

Coach Burnette

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