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Changing the World... One Day at a Time... Etc...

Changing the World... One Day at a Time... Etc...

Changing the World... One Day at a Time... Etc... Changing the World... One Day at a Time... Etc...

A very quick history of Soul Fitness Etcetera


Hi, I am Coach... Coach Burnette.  

I grew up in Atlanta, as one of five kids, going through life as so many of us do.  

The Lord revealed Himself to me during my second year of college.  

After receiving my Health, Physical Education and Sport Studies degree,
I taught physical education classes to kindergarten through eighth grade students.  

I also coached middle school girls basketball, volleyball, and track and field.

After this assignment from the LORD, I received another one around October 2011.  

I heard my cousins thoughts on a website for families.  

I received a name one morning from the Lord "Soul Fitness Ministries" 

and during my first seminary class drew the logo!

Throughout seminary and over another four year period I developed the World Revival Prayer Guide, the United Spirit Motivation Booklet, Bearing Fruit: The Abundant Life God Provides and 

Soul Fitness Exercise Classes which all make up the Soul Fitness Ministries Curriculum.

I also wrote A Document on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 77 Hours, 

the Diary of an Evangelist, Conversation Starters, A Departure from Social Media, and more.  

In 2018, I started Soul Fitness Etcetera, as a business, from the Soul Fitness Ministries 

Soul Fitness Exercise Classes, which  was developed into Soul Fitness 4 Kids.  

SF4K is a specialized P.E. program that is used

 in schools and churches and camps that helps students

 learn scriptures while exercising and playing games.  

In 2019, the Archdiocese of Atlanta approved Soul Fitness 4 Kids.

Now I teach at another private Christian School, 7-12th graders... 

P.E., Weight Training, Christian Relationships, Food for Life (Nutrition) and Health.  

In 2020, we are now Soul Fitness Etcetera, LLC, and we will double the camps we do in the summer, 

and enjoy ministering, teaching, and loving many people.  

Soul Fitness 4 Kids helps improve students humility,   compassion,   decision making skills,  communication skills,  agility,  wisdom,  speed,  knowledge,  quickness,  discernment,  footwork,  stature,  rhythm,  honor,  valor,  balance,  virtue,  readiness,  integrity,  endurance,  loyalty, and stamina.